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ATTENTION: GSA Fleet Vehicle Vendors!
GSA Fleet vehicle vendors should invoice via the IPP portal: https://www.ipp.gov/. For information on the U.S. Treasury's Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) program, please click: IPP Program Details
ATTENTION: GSA Supply Vendors! New access logon begins February 16, 2024.
FEDPAY is moving to a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) February 16, 2024. As part of the MFA process, your VEND number and login.gov account will be linked by our IT department so please ensure all VEND numbers used by your organization have a valid login.gov account associated with it. To help us collect this information, you will receive emails from GSA IT Alert so please respond by clicking on the blue box titled "Connect my accounts". Provide your FEDPAY VEND number (FEDPAY user ID) and the email address (username) for your login.gov account. After you submit the requested information, our IT department will link your account information. On February 15, 2024, GSA IT Alert will email the new login instructions for you to use on February 16, 2024, so check your spam/junk folder for the email.
Please click this link for instructions for clearing Edge and Java cache for a wide-variety of issues including FRM-92160 Fatal error: web client version is too old.
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E-mail (Preferred Contact Method): kc-fedpay.finance@gsa.gov

Note: This email box is dedicated for use by the Fedpay team. Any other email addresses (e.g. kc-xxxx.finance@gsa.gov) are monitored by other finance teams and will require forwarding to the fedpay address, which will slow down the response time.

Phone: 816-926-7287 or 800-676-3690 ext. 67287

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